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Mudkip Scramble Challenge

There's a thread for Nuzlocke so I figured we should have one for the Scramble challenge as well.

C+Ping this from the Serebii Scramble challenge thread with a few edits:

Originally Posted by bobandbill of SPPf
Scramble Challenge Thread!

What is a "Scramble Challenge"?

The Scramble Challenge involves playing through the storyline and beating the game seeing the credits) with a team of six Pokemon which are assigned to you by other people on this forum. You may also be given certain guidelines, limitations, and restrictions concerning the Pokemon, usually by the person who suggested the Pokemon themselves. However, you may also create limitations for yourself.

The goal of the Scramble Challenge is to be able to complete the game without using the most powerful Pokemon, or your own favorites. It encourages you to think outside the box and make the most of what you are given.

Example Posts:

Originally Posted by Some Challenger
Looking for more Pokemon for a Pokemon Black play-through. My team is:
- Samurott, must know Razor Shell
- Fraxure, must solo Brycen's Gym to evolve
Originally Posted by Some Guy
@ Challenger, take a Swanna. It cannot learn Surf or Waterfall.

Scramble Challenge Rules:
  • Always mention your planned team (based on others' responses) when you ask for more team members, so others know what has already been suggested.
  • You may create your own set of (minor) restrictions concerning gameplay - just be sure to mention those as well.
  • Just because of the fact that not everyone is on the same level experience-wise, you may reject team suggestions. However, please don't abuse this. If you feel that you need a really easy challenge, say so.
  • Typically, no Legendaries and no duplicates are allowed. Apparently, trading in any form (except for evolution) is discouraged, as well as post-Nat. Dex Pokémon, but if you wish to use a traded Pokemon you may,
  • Note that it's your game, and you can change the difficulty, limitations, and pretty much anything else, to suit your playing style. For example, if you want to breed in one game and send things over.
  • Please limit your suggestions to one per team (if it's rejected, you may suggest again), so that everyone can contribute. If the challenger's team goes two or more pages without a suggestion, you may suggest a maximum of an extra one, but no more.
  • Purposely giving challengers blatantly terrible choices (Lillipup that may not evolve at all, etc.) is against the spirit of the game and will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure all your suggestions are directed clearly. Using "@" is encouraged.
  • Enjoy! It's a game, after all!
Anyways, I'll be starting my own Scramble on Firered. Only rules for me is that I must have a Surf and Fly user on my team. Suggest away~

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