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Seeing if I can push some previously perceived limits that may not exist.

Jim-Male Sableye-lvl 4

Known to others as merely "Jim", Jim is in fact a master of deception and espionage. He is a high class thief and spy and his natural ghost and dark abilities enhance his role in his occupation, not to mention the fact that he can climb walls and such.
Sig Move (Special Training) Ethereal Espionage
Jim can go invisible two additional times in a match, four times in total. As a result of his focus on hiding and sneaking about, his defense abilities have been lowered, resulting in him unable to use Protect.
Muyo: Rejected

Diesel-Male Sneasel-lvl 4

I caught this Sneasel after being stalked by it throughout a cold Johto night. Diesel is a natural predator, and I mean sexually as well. He has taken advantage of his dark typing to sneak around and hunt prey. He can blend into shadows perfectly and is a master at assassination.
Sig Move (Special Training) Dark Stalker
Diesel can go invisible like a ghost for two rounds. He uses twice the energy a ghost would. This doesn't work during a Sunny Day.
Muyo: Rejected. Enjoy your limits.

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