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So with that misunderstanding out of the way ... your post!

(Spoilers through Episode 05)

Spoiler: show
I don't understand how you make the leap from "science man" to "Ayano's father," and so until you pointed to the visual Easter egg, I wasn't really convinced by your theory. I mean, it definitely sounded intriguing, but I wasn't anywhere near convinced. Kind of surprised Yuki felt she should confirm you were right and nudge you in the direction of the imagery you posted.

That stated, the imagery you posted seems to be incontrovertible proof of the theory. Given how much this studio has proven they love their visual easter eggs, I cannot accept for even one second that it is a coincidence that the science teacher has two red clips on his clothes that look identical to the two red hair clips in Ayano's hair. While it doesn't prove that he's Ayano's father (conceivably he could be her uncle or even her older brother), that would seem to me to be the most likely bet too. A grieving father keeps a memento of his daughter with him.

So. Some questions now going forward.

Q1. How many people in the world have these special powers?

Q2. If there are others besides the science teacher and the Blindfold Brigade members, then did the science teacher know about any of them prior to his daughter's suicide?

Q3. What is the science teacher doing overseas/out of town and does it tie back in to the special powers of the red-eyed children? Or does it have more to do with his daughter's death?

Q4. Did Ayano really commit suicide? What can her father tells us about this?

Q5. If she did, then why did Ayano commit suicide? Did her father see it coming?

Q6. Are Kido, Kano, Seto, or any of the other brigade members aware that the science teacher has red eyes too?

Q7. What are the teacher's powers, if any?

Q8. Are the red eyes a genetic thing? (After all, Kido seemed pretty confident that Shintarou would share in Momo's powers ...) If so, does that explain at least in part the connection between Ayano's having red eyes and the science teacher having red eyes?

Q9. Where is Ayano's mother?

I could probably list off a boatload more, but I'm being nagged by a comment Yuki made so I need to reply to it. ^^;

Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
I'm just gonna clarify this since CR made a translation mistake:

Spoiler: show
Hiyori is not Kenjirou's niece. She just stated she's a relative of his.
In Episode 04 at around the 5-minute mark (I'm paused on 5m17s right now), Hiyori specifically refers to him as:

Spoiler: show
Oji-san, "Uncle"

The problem with this, of course, is that:

Spoiler: show
The word can either be used to mean one's biological uncle or it can be used to refer to an older male to whom one isn't related -- and whom one might not even know! In Japanese, the speaker might use oji-san to refer to a friend's father, usually when one is close to that person (and thus he is like an uncle, hence the usage). They use it in some places where in English we use "mister". (Not "Mister {Name}," but just plain "mister" as in, "Excuse me, mister, but can you tell me where the nearest exit is?")

The thing is, though, the way Hiyori uses the word tonally and contextually strongly implies that he's her biological uncle. So I don't fault CR in the slightest for getting this wrong if it is in fact wrong. I would have translated it as "uncle"/"Uncle" myself unless there are clues elsewhere in the episode which give away that he's not her uncle but rather her best friend's dad, her benefactor, some strange old man she decided to shack up with, etc.

At around the 6m40s mark when Hiyori talks to Konoha, you are right that she doesn't claim to be the niece of "Uncle Kenjirou" despite what CrunchyRoll's subtitles say. She says she's his shinseki or relative. So she confirms that she's related to Kenjirou by blood but does not confirm that she is his niece. The word for niece would be 姪 mei and it's nowhere to be found.

Man, though. Rewatching portions of Episode 04 to verify her word choices reminds me of just what a mega bitch Hiyori was. ^^; Poor Hibiya. What a girl to fall for.
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