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Wow, Talon, that's a fairly great list of spotting easter eggs, haha. I didn't notice so many of those things. Do you have red eyes? =p

Spoiler: show
Well to be perfectly honest, I think our enjoyment mainly comes from the hype and the Skype group I guess xd It made up a good portion of our anticipation and excitement and haipu for the series. The series itself so far isn't too shabby either, so it wasn't a bunch of people hyping over a terrible anime.

Anyways, I think time is probably an important part in the series, with hints dropping like bomb everywhere. The clock-graveyard was a significant easter egg, while Episode 4 Kagerou Days had Hibiya/Hiyori subplot.

Speaking of "Kagerou Days", I decided to try spotting eggs myself. At the beginning, when Shintaro/Ayano were talking to each other, the background was... clouds of greyness and a general ominous mood. Kagerou meant heat haze, and I google'd Heat Haze, since I wasn't particularly sure as to how a heat haze would look like. Some actually looked okay, but a few were grey and hazy in the air... like the background of the scene. So I think the Kagerou part of Kagerou Days would play a greater significance.

Also, there was one scene where it said "August 15th". I remembered the song "Kagerou Days" from Ep 4, where it started with mentioning how it was noon on August 15th. Later in the scene where Ene crosses out "Amusement Park" on the day August 15th, fully supporting that Episode 5 did happen on August 15th. This is rather confusing, since Ep 4's insert song also mentioned August 15th, except at noon. When we see Hibiya/Hiyori again, they were both together, yet both were alive, despite Hibiya throwing himself in front of the truck for Hiyori. How did he managed to get out of there without even like a bruise or something ^^; Unless the song means moot canon-wise, I find this confusing.

Next - when Konoha jumped on Shintaro, there was a classroom scene where Ayano/Takane/Whoever is in. I'm guessing whoever is Konoha, since the scene wouldn't make sense if Shintaro, the 'main character' at that moment, was the one in the scene. Whatever it is, I noticed how the characters didn't disappear at the same time. Takane went first, then the guy, then the how thing whited out for Shintaro. I'm not sure if this was something negligible, or it's an easter egg in disguised.

Also I'm starting to wonder how relevant "Sensei" is to the plot. He hasn't appeared since Ep 2 and it seems he has eyes power.

just some finds.=p
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