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Episode 5

A welcoming change from Episode 4. Hopefully this doesn't equate to even episodes being terrible and odd numbers being their saving grace.

Spoiler: show
So wow, this episode had lots of reveals. For example, the scarf girl = Ayano. No huge surprises for me, since I watched every Character CM lots of time.

So the first part is Shintaro stripping to his underwear to beg Ene, who requested him to do so, to tell him info. Then Marry comes in and FLYING LIQUID IS A GOGOGO. She screams. Opening.

So this episode had its fair share of comedy. Kano vs Ene was hilarious, and Shintaro's secret folder exposed and used as weapons, while Kano uses Marry's poem. He would've went on to use Kido's stuff if she didn't kick him in the face hard. Ouch. Also, ED Insert while Momo threw up the phone. Hilarious =p

Shintaro's unwillingness to join the Mekameka Dan. Com'on, isn't your sister and your pet robot joining enough of a persuasion that they aren't trying to kill you or something. Though it's understandable - he's been locked in for two years and he doesn't seem to have any eye-power, so it's no wonder he's suspicious. I don't even know how he didn't get convinced by Momo's eyes though. Shintaro is weird.

As the rest of the Mekakushi Dan move off, unfortunately due to Shintaro leaving the Amusement Park plan was cancelled, they were planning to visit the grave of the 'founder' of Mekakushi Dan.

On the other hand, Shintaro meets Konoha. Konoha super strength doe. And HUGE SNAKE. Not sure if SHAFT or real.

Anyways, back to the Mekakushi Dan. One thing that struck me was Ayano being dead. It came as a surprise to me, because I thought the Ayano girl from the PV would be dead. But at the same time, she was 'alive' talking to Shintaro? Is it a dream? Seems confusing.

So apparently...

Ayano knows Shintaro. Ayano knows Ene. Ayano knows Hibiya (?). Ayano knows Kido/Seto/Kano. This brings up a huge question mark - how do they all relate?

Ayano - Ene: "Ayano-chan" suggests they could be pretty close. And with next episode introducing new characters, I think we might be able to get Ene's past and how she relates to Ayano - especially when a girl, strikingly similar with Ene. Idk, Takane and Ene. Possibly a short form?

Ayano - Shintaro: Nothing to say on that one. Apparently Ayano remembers Shintaro but Shintaro doesn't. And he forgets their meetings (?)

Ayano - Hibiya: They don't see all that familiar at all. But with Ep 4 being so confusing and not linking up to Ep 5 it's eh...

Also, in the preview card for Ep 6. There's a Konoha and something under the red line. Perhaps this is Ene and Konoha? I have no idea, but the voices do sound pretty similar.

Well, a pretty great episode that is. A lot of comedy and yet introduced some suspense. Let's hope Ep 6 will be good. The even numbered curse shouldn't continue.
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