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Arguably the most fanservice you'll ever get from Shin

Episode 5:
Spoiler: show
Man this episode was such a huge improvement to four. The characters all seemed real and realistic, and there was a whole lot of humor. Though, there was a lot of hints, and they were blatantly OBVIOUS. Like, they pretty much made one of the saddest and most plot relevant songs in the entire series moot because of this episode. Other than that, I'm curious on the loose ends they'll touch up on. Can't wait for the Yuukei Actor/Headphone Yesterday episode next week! We'll finally

Character spoilers
Spoiler: show
Learn about Ene and Konoha's past as Takane and Haruka, and how they're related to everyone else in the cast.

Also man, I did not expect them to reveal

Character spoilers, again
Spoiler: show
Ayano is Mekakushi-Dan Number 0. They also finally nam dropped her. So whee for her not being creepy scarf girl anymore

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