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So fabulous.

Episode 4

Spoiler: show
So after Episode 3 who mostly everyone adored, comes Episode 4. I had predicted it'd be a sudden skip like Ep 2, and I was mostly right about it. 'Mostly'.

So this episode introduces Hiyori and another character. So the starting begins with Hibiya, living with Hiyori and Konoha. Apparently Konoha has a problem of memory loss, and forgot (?) Hiyori and Hibiya. So the second half focuses on Hiyori constantly getting killed by different ways, with Hibiya constantly trying to save her that smells extremely like a Steins;Gate fashion.

However, this episode had quite a bit of disappointments, like many's initial reaction to Episode 2. First off, the animation. Wow, it was cool and random but at other times it was poorly done - even for a live stream. I'm not sure if SHAFT is broke or something, but the scene where Hibiya was pouring tea, TEA MAGICALLY GATHERS INTO THE COP. I mean the lack of colours is okay and has a ring of feeling, but bad quality... err yeah, no. Secondly, Hiyori is my main problem. She is just the annoying brat and I feel bad for Hibiya. HIBIYA X MOMOOOBS SUPERIOR MASTER RACE. And lastly, wow, the lack of feels. It just feels really... anti-climatic. According to Yuki, Kagerou Days was one of the most, if not the most, famous songs in the series, but ergh. It felt so... Disappointing and flat really.

So Ep4 is a pretty disappointing experience, which is really sad coming from the success of Ep3. Furthermore, I think SHAFT spent all their budgets last episode or something. I should rewatch with high quality and subs, but that's my thoughts for now.
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