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Lil' Bluey

Kido looks like she's got a kink in her back.

Episode 03:

Spoiler: show
Much better. Things are falling into place, and we meet the Dan with some entertaining interactions as a result. The animation stepped up this week as well. I didn't mind the SHAFTiness so much either, I actually thought it worked really well here. Speaking of which...

Kido making all the fabulous Senjougahara poses. Seriously girl, what is up with those contortions. They make you look as creepy as Kano.

And then all the ponytails. <3 (I didn't even realize she had one in the first ep until someone pointed it out.) And Kano abuse. Omg. She was rubbing his arm afterwards ican'teven.

Man, Marry sounds just like Manaka. She's a lot less shy than her manga counterpart, but still cute as a button. =3

That high-tech base. How the heck do these kids afford holograph windows and tables? Shin presumably mooches off his sister, but what's their excuse? =3= (Btw, for anyone who missed it, Shintaro showed up in episode 02 during the father death scene. He was sitting on the edge of the sofa.)

Why does all the liquid in this show levitate.

Phone: "Sorry I died. Shall I say goodbye?" *shot*

I love how even Seto was laughing at Shintaro's lameness. And Marry's angry glare gets him to stop. XP

Speaking of Seto, I'm starting to love his voice. He looked really cool in today's ep, looking forward to him getting more screentime. =3 I liked the explanation for him being there (as opposed to the manga where he wasn't present during the hostage crisis at all), forcing him to use his powers.

Kano you're such an idiot.

Also love how Shin's just like "meh" and Seto is "=O".

Marry steals the show again. Using the handheld massager as a weapon... Too adorable. In the manga she just thought it was cool and was randomly holding it for no real reason.

This scene was so awesome.

Dat insert song ahhh. Mekakushi Code wasn't one my favorites but suddenly I love it. <3

Damnit, it's over already again? Argh. These post-credits scenes take up too much time... At least we get some pretty close-up shots now instead of just a stick figure walking, and the story becomes sadder.

Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable episode that finally gives us some explanations as to what's going on. If you haven't already, I suggest you go back to the first episode and look for clues that hint at how the events play out. Here are the ones I've spotted:

Spoiler: show

Kano demonstrating the size of his schlong revealing his hands were never tied.

Marry's feet getting tangled in the wires.

Kido appearing when Shintaro is running towards the terminals.

Anyway, now that the terrorist subplot and majority of introductions are out of the way, hopefully we can start moving on to more interesting stories... Like the "Heat-Haze Days" upupupu.

Also since we're pretty much covered all that needs to be said about Kisaragi Attention, here's the PV it's based off of:

Spoiler: show

"A song where all eyes are on you."

Mekakushi Code doesn't have an official animated PV, but there is a fan-made one available for anyone who wishes to watch it.

Spoiler: show

"A song of hiding your eyes."

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