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Started a Red Nuzlocke today

Spoiler: show
- Started with Raph (Squirtle)
- Caught Goose (Pidgey) BOXED
- Caught Ratatta (HaknaRtata) BOXED
- Caught Weedle (ColnyDrone)
- ColnyDrone evolved into Kakuna
- ColnyDrone evolved into Beedrill
- Got the Boulder Badge!

- Raph evolved into Wartortle
- Spearow used Peck! Critical Hit! ColnyDrone fainted! (RIP Lv03-Lv12 ;;)
- Caught Geodude (Dood)
- Purchased Magikarp (Guppy)
- Got the Cascade Badge!

- Drowzee used Confusion! Dood fainted! (RIP Lv10-Lv22)
- Caught Oddish (Vino)
- Slowpoke used Confusion! Vino fainted! (RIP Lv13-Lv14)

Edit Think I'm too careless/impatient for Nuzlocke :L

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