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Right, unveiling of cunning new Pokewalker-Nuzlocke plan, promoting excercise and FFFFFFFFFFF since 2010.

Pretty simple premise this, it'll work a lot like Nuzlocke except using the Pokewalker instead of routes: I can only use my starter Pokemon (Chikorita, chosen at random) plus Pokemon caught using the Pokewalker feature.

I can only catch Pokemon in each route ONCE (But I can use them again to gain watts and get items) and in that one attempt, I can catch up to the three Pokemon allowed, including duplicates if I so wish. I cannot catch on the same route more than once, so I can't get both Group A Pokemon or whatever, and have to take what I find the first time.

Once Pokemon are on the game, it functions as a normal Nuzlocke, so KOermanent Boxing. I will be able to use TMs and the like...

So, having gone for a bit of a walk this morning, I can announce the first two routes worth of Pokemon:

Dill, L9 Male Chikorita

Refreshing Field:
L5 Male Pidgey
L5 Nidoran ♀
L8 Female Doduo (Damn, Kangaskhan would have been ace)

Noisy Forest:
L5 Male Spearow
L6 Female Paras (Alternative was Venonat, which would have been much better)
L15 Female Wobbuffet (Overlevelled, but if ever a Pokemon wasn't designed to Nuzlocke...)

If anyone wants to join me on this, it's quite fun!
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