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Starting in Oreburgh now.

Big update today!!

Forgot to say I gained HM06 Rock Smash yesterday.

-Talked to Barry and healed my 'mon.
-Found a Yellow Shard
-Found a Dire Hit
-Found a Pokeball!! Lots of items today...
-Found a Repel
-Found a Potion
-Found an Escape Rope
-Roseguy learned Stun Spore!!
-Found Roark.
-Zane learnt Water Sport!!
-Caught a Level 7 Zubat! Called him Superman!! Transferred to Box 1.
-Spike learnt Leer!!
-Rose learnt Mega Drain!! Forgot Water Spout.
-Time for Roark!!! Quick team update. Roseguy-Lv.13, Shocker-Lv.9, Zane-Lv.13, Johnnie-Lv.11, Spike-Lv.5, Rocky-Lv.5. Save...
-Matchup 1!! Roseguy Vs. Geodude: Mega Drain!!
-Matchup 2!! Roseguy Vs. Onix: Mega Drain!!
-Matchup 3!! Roseguy Vs. Cranidos!! Stun Spore, Mega Drain, switch since no Stealth Rocks.
-Matchup 4!! Zane Vs. Cranidos!! Bubble critical hit!!
-Gain TM 76: Stealth Rock.
-Give TM 76 to Geodude and HM06. Forgot Mud Sport.
-Found a Pokeball!!
-To Eterna City!!
-Team Galactic at Jubilife City.
-What? Shocker is evolving! Congratulations! Your Shocker evolved into KRICKETUNE!
-Shocker learnt Fury Cutter!
-Obtained the Fashion Case.
-Pokemon lottery corner 4th prize. Gained an Ultra Ball!
-Found a Potion!!
-Found an Awakening!!
-Johnnie learnt Double Team!! Forgot Growl.
-Found TM09 Bullet Seed!!
-Found a Potion!!
-Team Galactic. Duh, duh, duh!!
-Spike learnt Charge!!
-Hating Team Galactic even if I haven't lost a Poke yet.
-Obtained Honey!!
-Stocked up on Potions and Super Potions.
-What? Johnnie is evolving! Congratulations! Your Johnnie evolved into STARAVIA!
-Zane learnt Peck!! Forgot Water Sport.
-Mars is defeated!!
-Healing time...
-Caught a Level 10 Buizel! Called it Ye Brew!!
-Rocky learnt Rock Throw!! Forgot Tackle.
-What? Zane is evolving! Congratulations! Your Zane evolved into a PRINPLUP!
-Zane learnt Metal Claw!! Forgot Growl.
-Found an X Sp. Def!!
-Found a Heal Ball!!
-Found a Repel!!
-Found a Super Potion!!
-Found an Antidote!!
-Spike learnt Spark!!
-Rocky learnt Magnitude!! Forgot Defense Curl.
-Found a Parlyz Heal!!
-What? Spike is evolving! Congratulations! Your Spike evolved into Luxio!
-Caught a Level 11 Buneary! Called it Dizzy!!
-Found a Net Ball!!
-Shocker learnt Leech Life!!
-Obtained the Soothe Bell!!
-Johnnie learnt Endeavor!! Forgot Tackle.
-Found a Super Potion!!
-Time to take on Gardenia!! Quick team update: Johnnie- Lv.18, Zane- Lv. 17, Roseguy- Lv. 16, Spike- Lv. 16, Shocker- Lv. 16, Rocky- Lv. 16.
-Matchup 1: Johnnie Vs. Turtwig!! Wing Attack = Win
-Matchup 2: Roseguy Vs. Cherrim!! Stun Spore, Growth, Mega Drain. Roseguy didn't die I just switched.
-Matchup 3: Shocker Vs. Cherrim!! Leech Life, Bide. Win, with 1 HP left. :P
-Matchup 4: Johnnie Vs. Roserade!! Wing Attack!! Win!! With 2 HP left from a Magical Leaf. :P Lol.
-Obtained Forest Badge!!
-Obtained TM 86 Grass Knot!!
-Obtained HM 01 Cut!!
-Shocker learnt Cut!! Forgot Growl.
-Found TM 46 Thief!!
-Team Galactic: Eterna City style!!
-Found a X Speed!!
-Spike learnt Bite!! Forgot Leer.
-Found a X Special!!
-Found a Blue Shard!!
-Found a Revive!!
-Found an Up-Grade!!
-Beat Mars easily. Spike OHKO'd Zubat with a Spark and Rocky was spamming Magnitude on Skuntank as it was using SmokeScreen way too much. Then it used Night Slash so I switched to Johnnie who got 2 Quick Attacks in whilst Skuntank was using SmokeScreen... again.

And that's where it ends.

Current Team:

Zane: Male Prinplup
Type: Water
Item: None
Lv. 5-17 Mild Nature (+Sp.A, -Def)
Met: Route 201 (Given)
Ability: Torrent

Pound (Normal)
Metal Claw (Steel)
Bubble (Water)
Peck (Flying)

Comments: Haven't used the starter way too much as I usually do, but I'm happy with him at the moment. Zane hasn't been so handy with Team Galactic which means I need to level him up a bit more. He has Peck and Metal Claw which will be quite useful, but I need a better Water-type move. I'm happy with the nature. Special Attack will be useful for a Water Type, physical defense doesn't matter too much.

Johnnie: Male Staravia
Type: Normal/Flying
Item: None
Lv. 2-21 Naughty Nature (+Att, -Sp.D)
Met: Route 201
Ability: Intimidate

Endeavor (Normal)
Double Team (Normal)
Quick Attack (Normal)
Wing Attack (Flying)

Comments: Quick Attack and Wing Attack are coming in handy. He's Coming along well, actually the best in my team. Haven't had a chance to use Endeavor yet but it is a very effective move that my Staraptor has on my other Platinum. Double Team is helping with evasiveness but Quick Attack and Wing Attack are the most useful. Attack is a bonus but Special Defense is useful though...

Shocker: Male Kricketune
Type: Bug
Item: Soothe Bell
Lv. 3-16 Impish Nature (+Def, -Sp.A)
Met: Route 202
Ability: Swarm

Cut (Normal)
Bide (Normal)
Fury Cutter (Bug)
Leech Life (Bug)

Comments: Biding like a champ still!! This guy has been useful but not as much now. Leech Life is pretty good but still relatively weak Bug attacks which I need to change. Hopefully he will get good moves soon. Nature is OK.

Roseguy: Male Budew
Type: Grass/Poison
Item: Poison Barb
Lv. 4-17 Gentle Nature (+Sp.D, -Def)
Met: Route 204
Ability: Natural Cure

Absorb (Grass)
Growth (Normal)
Mega Drain (Grass)
Stun Spore (Grass)

Comments: Wish it wasn't male... Stun Spore is helping alot and Growth while it's paralyzed before Mega Drain is really good. If Mega Drain doesn't do much damage I just switch while it's still paralyzed, simple. Want to get a new move instead of Absorb but I'm not sure whether I want to give it a TM or just wait until it evolves. Not that exciting nature considering I couldn't care less about Defense I just want good Attack.

Spike: Female Luxio
Type: Electric
Item: None
Lv. 4-19 Gentle Nature (+Sp.D, -Def)
Met: Route 203
Ability: Intimidate

Tackle (Normal)
Bite (Dark)
Charge (Electric)
Spark (Electric)

Comments: Spark has been one of the most useful attacks against Team Galactic. Coming along brilliantly and I'm glad she hasn't dropped off pace. Bite was a good get and I'm really happy about it. Look up for nature.

Rocky: Female Geodude
Type: Rock/Ground
Item: None
Lv. 5-17 Quiet Nature (+Sp.A, -Spd)
Met: Oreburgh Gate
Ability: Sturdy

Rock Throw (Rock)
Magnitude (Ground)
Rock Smash (Fighting)
Stealth Rock (Rock)

Comments: Geodude have genders? That would be a bit awkward, eh. Magnitude was useful against Skuntank which helped me beat it without losing a 'mon. Stealth Rock is a good move as well which I have never used because I thought nothing of it until now. Rock Smash was good for beating those evil Glameows and Rock Throw was good for Zubats. Special Attack for Rock/Ground? *Facepalms repeatedly* Also a lack of Speed makes it that much better...


Superman: Female Zubat
Type: Poison/Flying
Item: None
Lv. 8 Timid Nature (+Spd, -Att)
Met: Oreburgh Mine
Ability: Inner Focus

Leech Life (Bug)
Supersonic (Normal)

Comments: Hasn't got many moves. Only gonna be a real reserve. Love the nickname though. :P Speed get was brilliant as this guy is gonna be super quick. Attack loss is a meh.

Ye Brew: Male Buizel
Type: Water
Item: None
Lv. 10 Lax Nature (+Def, -Sp.D)
Met: Route 205
Ability: Swift Swim

Water Sport (Water)
Quick Attack (Normal)
Water Gun (Water)
Pursuit (Dark)

Comments: Got a good moveset that will help him level up quickly, if needed. Water Gun is just a typical water move but I like Pursuit. Quick Attack is good for landing one final blow and Water Sport is useless so it'll go. Nature I am having mixed feelings about.

Dizzy: Female Buneary
Type: Normal
Item: None
Lv. 11 Rash Nature (+Sp.A, -Sp.D)
Met: Eterna Forest
Ability: Klutz

Pound (Normal)
Defense Curl (Normal)
Foresight (Normal)
Endure (Normal)

Comments: Pound is the only damaging move so yeah. Defense Curl, meh, Foresight, meh, Endure, better but still, meh. Special Attack is good but Special Defense isn't really needed considering it is only weak to fighting!! So a good nature in my opinion.

2x Repel
1x Yellow Shard
1x Escape Rope
10x Honey
1x Green Shard
1x Blue Shard
2x Parlyz Heal
2x Super Potion
2x Potion
1x Antidote
1x Ultra Ball
1x Net Ball
1x X Attack
1x X Defend
1x Dire Hit
1x X Sp. Def
1x X Speed
1x X Special

TM's and HM's
TM 09: Bullet Seed (Found)
TM 27: Return (Given)
TM 46: Thief (Found)
TM 86: Grass Knot (Given)

HM 01: Cut (Given)
HM 06: Rock Smash (Given)

Routes with caught Pokemon:

-Route 201 (Given)
-Route 201 (Caught)
-Route 202
-Route 203
-Route 204
-Route 205
-Eterna Forest
-Oreburgh Mine
-Oreburgh Gate

Name: Henry

Rival: Chris

Time: 10:42

Whereabouts: Eterna City
Spoiler: show
My PASBL Team and Stats

Daisy is just the best for making the battlecut!

I am now a C+ ref!!

PASBL 2.0 Test Squad

Spoiler: show
Fizzy Bubbles
- Houndour - Lv. 12
- Heracross - Lv. 12
- Murkrow - Lv. 5

A great quote from Tdos
Spoiler: show
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