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Olivia: Level 1 Female Sewaddle

Nearly killed by her sister, Hannah, Olivia was rescued from near death my Angie the Audino. Her body far to damaged, she was given metal plating in the form of her typical cloths. She totored under the teachings of Tayazen the Scizor on her new steel typing. Now see seeks her place in the world and to reconsile with Hannah.

Special trait: "Mada Mada" or " I need Healling!"
Genny is now a Bug/Steel type with all the associated weaknesses and resistances except she retains her weakness to the Ice type and she retains familiarity with the Grass-type. Genny can no longer shed her clothes as they are now metal and grafted to her body. Upon evolving to a Leavanny, Genny's Leaf Blades now deal (GR/ST) damage and X-Scissors deal (BG/ST) damage. These will never be 3x effective against a pokemon. Olivia also loses access to the moves Giga Drain, Synthesis, Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Natures Power, Heal Bell, Solar Beam, and Energy Ball.
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