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Mac: Mudsdale Lv 5 (M)
A hard-working Mudsdale, Mac tries to take care of his hooves, the main source of his livelihood. He'd never be able to work so hard and so long without them, so he pays extra attention to make sure they're in top shape. He polishes them with diamond dust specifically for this purpose.
Sig: Special Attack: Diamond Hooves (ROCK)
Mac charges his hooves with gleaming, bright white Rock energy, and drives them into the opponent. This deals considerable Rock damage for considerable Rock energy. Though it uses his physical Attack stat, the specialness of this shiny technique makes it target the foe's Special Defense. This technique is usable twice per battle, and has a 20% chance to lower the foe's Special Defense a single stage. It's also very pretty, which influences nothing but flavour.

Sneaze: Approved.

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