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Black Jack, Level 1 Male Pawniard
Hidden Power: Flying
Special Training: Surgical Precision
Black Jack has honed his knife-hands' dexterity to supernatural levels and can aim them with a surgeon's hand even when he can barely see. While blind, Black Jack's slashing techniques lose no accuracy if he starts a round within reach of his target, becoming hindered only if he has to expend effort to reach them or if they move considerably before he does. Furthermore, while having this active doesn't affect his accuracy, the attacks lose his SC's 10% boost to damage and cost 10% more energy to use.

Sneaze: Approved.

Bhargest, Level 1 Male Houndour
Hidden Power: Grass

Carmilla: Level 2 Female Umbreon (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Fire

Sneaze: So you actually need to take Hidden Powers to the appropriate thread on SPPf, can't do them here, sorry!

Tindalos: Level 1 Male Zorua
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio: Tindalos was a runt, and he was also something of a coward. Whether from his bigger, stronger siblings or from beasts that would feast upon his flesh he spent most of his life on the run. As such he developed some...odd skills to survive with.
Special Attack: Angles
Tindalos sends waves of shadow out in all directions and melts into it, before erupting out of some harshly angled surface that was covered. The attack deals no damage, consumes solid dark energy, and can only be used three times per match. It leaves Tindalos' opponent with impaired vision for a round or two, slightly less than a Night Daze would, but only if they were grounded and close to Tindalos when he used it (and, of course, their vision can be hampered in this sort of way). Additionally, Tindalos must use this attack first and it can't be part of a three-mover.

Sneaze: So this is simultaneously not an overly helpful move and not particularly well written. If I have to do a double take over the whole sig in order to understand what's going on it probably needs reworded. Rejected.

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