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Archer: Male Cubone (Level 1)

Hidden Power:

Archer originates from the Kanto Safari Zone. Here he lived a life of relative peace watching the herds of Tauros stampede and the Nidorinos spar for the Nidorina. Often he would venture deep in to the Zone, far from Fuschia City, to the lake were the Chansey gathered to sing their chorus. When they gathered under the full moon it was to honor the coming of age of young Dratini and the selection of the first to evolve into a Dragonair.

But peace, like the ocean, has its ebbs and flows and soon came a time of turmoil. A major drought came upon the world whose source could only be traced to some far off land. Whilst unity was easily kept amongst most species, the population of Scythers would come to be divided. A young, powerful Scyther, known for the length of his blades gathered a faction against the old leadership, pitting his belief in shows of force versus the established equilibrium of recourses.

This division soon lead to war as the two sides clashed, one defending the other species while the other extorted them for food and water. Archer ultimately came to support the side of equality but never in a fighting role.

As months passed the drought grew worse as if it source had gained a new level power. Archer had come to be relied upon for his ability as scout due to the growing number of carcass now littering the one-time refuge. However even the best a hiding can be found sometime and as luck would have it Archer was discovered by the second-in-command of the insurgent faction.

The subordinate Scyther shattered his bone, threating to take his life if he did not give up all that he knew. He was stumbled upon by Arturia, the Female Scyther that I would soon come to befriend as well. Slicing the limb from the Scyther, Arturia stood in defense of the now helpless Archer. Grateful for his life, he took the now lifeless limb as the replacement for his bone and swore himself to Arturia, who in turn trained him on how to use his new armament.

Special Training: Bone of my Sword
Archer gains access to the moves Slash and X-Scissor. These moves are subject to the Cubone line's SC save for the long range version of X-Scissor. Archer has enough Bug-type energy to use X-Scissor up to three times per battle. Due to using this odd bone, Archer now has a weakness to fire (kept thru evolution) and never learned Earthquake. (negotiable on the and/or)

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