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Well as you can imagine, this is a controversial move. Banks and atms have massive lines in general now and it's a huge hassle to get decent amounts of actual cash. Mobile wallets like Paytm had a huge spurt in popularity. (Also it's B Talon, A would be absolutely ridiculous.)

The thing is that...okay, so most people have little to no sympathy for those who'd hoarded massive amounts of "black money" and are now fucked. There are of course a few loopholes left open but not too many at all. Meanwhile, much of the upper-middle/middle class (cough, that'd be me) use debit/credit cards so it's a huge inconvenience but not generally a massive problem. The issue is with working class people who may or may not have bank accounts, to whom a single 500 rupee note could be very valuable. This move really has hurt people in that general category. Plus the general infrastructure for the move isn't the greatest at all.

All in all, I think it's a genius move but with awful execution.
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