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Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique

[center:c8d0c]Sorry for the wait.

Round 2

From the stunning Angelique comes a not-so-gorgeous Haunter known as Shriek, but frightening in it's own right, while Jerichi counters with a Marshtomp nicknamed Neocha. Both the ghost and mud fish get adjusted to the Shopping Mall before heeding their orders.

Shriek instantly flips up his middle finger and begins to tell Neocha how fat his mother is. Meanwhile, Neocha had been preparing his Foresight, but the Taunt effectively caused him to release the red beams prematurely. The Haunter's eyes get wide as he realizes his newfound solidity, and in anger fires crackling black electricity at Neocha. The Nightshade was fired at an odd angle due to Shriek's irritation at the Foresight yet knicks Neocha's side for decent damage, who made no attempt to dodge.

Shriek and Neocha seem rearing to go still, ready to go at each other's throats. Technically speaking, Shriek used a good bit more energy than Neocha did this premier round and his solidity will last about 3 to 5 rounds, a good bit lower than the norm due to the Foresight's premature release. Neocha was the only competitor to take damage, and while it was a decent hit, he can still take a lot more than that.[/center:c8d0c]
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