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Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique

Level three equievo/equilevel as Jeri tells me.

Starlight: Genderless Starmie (Level 3)
Bio: Although Genderles, Starlight often hovers around, making snide and sarcastically cynical comments, preferring to have Slytherin-esque attitude in general. Ery quiet and reserved, Starlight gets snide only when it sees what he deems immaturity and plain stupidity.

Tristrike: Male Hitmonchan (Level 3)
Bio: The most mature and the calmest and most dedicated member of Team BoomBoom- the glue that keeps it all together. He hardly gets mad or attracted often and dismisses arrogance and pride as fatal distractions. He does have vice and flaw though: cheese. Tri loves cheese waaay too much for a Tyrogue.

Shriek: Male Haunter (Level 3)
Bio: Shriek is what you call a prankster. He is the Trickster of Team BoomBoom. He loves to pull all sorts of pranks and practical jokes on people, often known for making dirty and inappropriate jokes and sexual inneundos in the most embarassing situations.

Drayna: Female Dragonair (Level 3)
Bio: Drayna grew up under the sea, like most Dratini. Down there, Drayna decided to learn how to swim faster. While she was practising this, Drayna hit her heads on the rocks, reversing her personality completely. The Clan then expelled her due to her new rude personality. Drayna likes to taunt other's of their looks., doing her infamous hyena laugh while doing so.

Mimi: Female Wigglytuff (Level 3)
Bio: Mimi is the thrid member of Team BoomBoom. The Crazy One, Mimi is hyperative and possibly a sufferer of bipolar disorder. After being dropped on the head when she was young, Mimi has a strange obession: to take over the world using a combination of hamburgers and marshmellows. Mimi aspires to be Empress of the World and she often makes Team BoomBoom engage in the most absurd activities simply for this cause. Mimi is often hyperactivie, talkative, loud and psychotic, possibly all four at once.

Hikairi: Female Delcatty (Level 3)
Bio: Hikairi is the vain one in my team. She often looks in the mirror in her spare time, admiring her lush curls. She is arrogant, conceited and narcisstic, concerned only and primarily about her looks. But being as vain as she is, she battles hard in Fights, solely because she is either jealous of their beauty, is prejudiced against "uglies" and plain doesn't like anyone who isn't part of Mimi's World Domination plan. Hikairi gets very angry when someone tarnishes her beauty, often going into beserk rages. While Hikairi never cries, she is often snide and vain-glorious, having a superiority complex.
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