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UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique

Jerichi vs. Angelique (challenger) UPN only.
2 on 2
Single Battle
Return= KO
48 Hour DQ (Enforced)
Shopping Mall Arena
Shopping Mall: The battle takes place in, around, or on top of a large indoor shopping mall (Californians, think the Galleria in Roseville). Amongst the various A/C and filtration systems on the rooftop, there are also some glass skylights (including a Hugh Jass one in the middle of the roof), which, if broken, open up a way into the mall, which is like a standard concrete indoor arena with 2 levels (with the second level being walkways along the wall: thus, a Pokemon can see the second level from the first level, and vice versa), a bunch of onlookers, and lots of property to destroy. There's also some parking lots and the occasional outdoor promenade on the outside of the mall. Finally, since there are some larger retailers here (Sears, JC Penny, The Blonde Mecca (C)) parts of the rooftop are about a couple stories higher than the others. Battles can start anywhere in the arena, be it on the roof, or around or inside the mall itself.
Special Rules: Artificial Lighting (inside mall and parking lot), Building Edge (inside mall/mall roof), Terrain Edge (parking lot), Onlookers, Easily Destroyed, Fire Sprinklers (inside mall only), Roof Level (mall roof only),
Optional Special Rules: Weather (any), Break of Dawn, Night Fight

Angelique, post your squad first.
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