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One morning, mysterious and heavy cardboard boxes has been found at the doorstep of the documentation facility. Among them, countless items and produce are enclosed in them. One was even filled with many Pokéballs, each housing a Pokémon: Young and old, easily found and rare, evolved and not; all were different, but had all in common how well they were surprisingly taken care of, despite the sad-looking way they were left behind. But nothing was sadder than, among the perfectly-filled paperwork for the "Resetting" program, was the personal letter that was attached to it:

"For whoever finds and takes care of these packages,

I can't live like this anymore.

I have quit my job to have a new life, but that life had nothing as I hoped for. Although I had found friendship, I haven't found freedom. I was able to walk the earth, but everywhere I went, I felt trapped. I would put my feet down, and just couldn't move. Was it fear of adventuring, despite wanting it? Or perhaps it was fear of accidentally doing something illegal in that foreign place? It felt like the whole world turned into a post-apocalyptic dictatorship, where all that was heard was tiny whispers on the surface, hoping the superiors don't hear them, while the cracks of the society was screaming and agonizing. I couldn't go like this. So I ended up hiding in my base, closing myself from the world, in the hopes it will change. But time has passed, and I have changed too. I've became a sort of a hermit, not knowing the small happenings on the outside, and hissing at the sight of sunlight glaring on my computer screen or tv. It got to the point I couldn't even recognize my own, dearest friends, even those that I sit beside me this whole time, even those who I knew of since my childhood... They weren't the same. Even if they were full of life, they felt empty to me. I wasn't the same. I used to care for every single living thing, and now I just... don't. I'm not like this. Or am I? I don't know anymore.

And then it happened. From my enclosed base, I could hear the chants of joy. For the first time since years. I opened my door. And what I saw was... alien, but beautiful. The world has changed. The pain that was retaining the creativity and beauty of the world has vanished. The evil has been defeated. Even though I couldn't even recognize the world now, I knew, I just knew, that it has now turned into a much better place.

But I don't fit in here anymore. It's been too long since I left. I'm out of touch with... everything, except my little own place. I don't know what to do. I was scared I still couldn't do anything, and forced to close my door again. But no. With the little that I could understand, I saw another door that was open: yours. A place start anew, for me... and for my companions. Especially them. They didn't deserve to be even more imprisoned than I am, their tiny cages, as pretty as they are, collecting dust. They don't deserve me. They deserve a better life... without me.

So I hereby donate my dear Pokémon to your facility, in the hopes that they find a loving and caring home. I wish my donation of my items collected throughout my travels is enough to cover for their care, and perhaps the care of other Pokémon who shares the same fate as mine.

I pray that they find a better life, while I search for a better one for me.


Okiku Hirundo"


I dunno if you would call this, but I'll say that this is a heck of a not-so-soft reset. TL;DR: wiping my character to make a new one, putting almost all my Pokémon for adpotion (plus getting a new starter) and getting rid of items; but all while keeping a few Pokémon and items.

As for the details:

Pokémon stuff:

Dropping the following Pokémon in the Adoption Center, with their levels reset to Lv.1, de-evolved and their moves wiped:
  • Poochyena (M)
  • Shuppet (M)
  • Spheal (M)
  • Natu (M)
  • Starly (M)
  • Aron (F)
  • Staryu
  • Girafarig (F)
  • Liepard (F)
  • Drowzee (M)
  • Sneasel (F)
  • Swoobat (M)
  • Exeggcute (F)
  • Sigilyph (M)
  • Skitty (F)
  • Bronzor
  • Slowpoke (M)
  • Spoink (M)
  • Ponyta (F)
  • Meditite (M)
  • Elgyem (M)
  • Swablu (F)
  • Lunatone
  • Baltoy
  • Snover (M, Shiny)
  • Minun (F)
  • Munna (M)
  • Solrock
  • Chikorita (M)
  • Fennekin (M)
  • Munna (F)
  • Sewaddle (M)
  • Maractus (F)
  • Mienfoo (F)
  • Darumaka (F)
  • Vulpix (F)
  • Misdreavus (F)
  • Oddish (F)
  • Ralts (F)
  • Ralts (M)

Keeping the following Pokémon, but resetting them to Lv.1, devolving, and wiping all TM/Egg moves:
  • Eevee (F)
  • Eevee (F)
  • Cosplay Pikachu (F)

New starter: Porygon w/ Ability Download and MT Wonder Room


Getting rid of almost all of my items, including: (Not gonna name them all one by one because it'll take too long...)
  • Most Recovery items (Castelia Cones and Sweet Hearts)
  • Most Hold items
  • Gummis
  • Berries
  • Pokéblocks
  • Base items AND base itself
  • TCG Cards

Keeping the following items:
  • All Pokéballs
  • Blue Flute
  • Some Hold Items:
    • Blackglasses
    • Mystic Water
    • Miracle Seed
    • Nevermeltice
    • Twisted Spoon
    • Spell Tag
  • All Evolution items
  • All TMs:
    • Mega Drain
    • Flamethrower
    • Ice Beam
    • Thunderbolt
    • Sky Drop
    • Double Team
    • Focus Blast
    • Rollout
    • Water Gun
    • Attract
    • Frost Breath
    • Psychic
    • Psychock
  • All Contest Items:
    • Ball Capsules
    • Seal case and seals
    • Red Barrette
    • Pink Flower
  • Gracidea
  • x1 Base Token
  • Soot Sack w/10 Piles of Ashes
  • x8 Heart Scale
  • x1 Rare Bone
  • Custom Pokédex
  • Red Valentine's Coin Case
  • 3,545 Pokédollars
  • 160,000 coins
  • x130 Rare Candy

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