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BEAT: Skyward Sword (~60 hours)

So I gave up on trying to get all the dialogue, though the completionist in me still feels unsatisfied (tried picking all the right options at first, telling myself I'd go left on the next run, but realized too late I was missing out on more amusing reactions that way and ended up flip-flopping back and forth too many times to keep track of). At least I'm pretty sure I did all the sidequests, though I can't check now since...

Spoiler: show
All that progress was erased by unlocking Hero Mode. =x Why couldn't it create a new save file?

As for the ending, I really wish they could have done more with...

Spoiler: show
Fi. Sure, she's not supposed to be the same as Midna, but I was hoping for a progression along the main storyline where she slowly develops emotions and becomes a close companion/relatable character. Just sticking "thank you" in at the end felt a little lacking. Maybe she'll be more expressive if she appears in a sequel?

The revelation about Impa was interesting. (Though it might've had more impact if her younger self had a more major role throughout the story, at least from our side's perspective. Guess that's what the credits were for, though it seemed a little late.) Dat hair, d'oh. Why didn't I see it?[/onlyobviousafterthefact]

No opinion one way or the other on Demise being related to Ganondorf, but I would've liked a little callback to the hypocrisy of him scoffing at the goddess Hylia for taking a human form. That aspect I thought also had potential - as well as the contrast between Fi and Ghirahim. Really, those two should've talked to each other directly more/had their own epic duel. Backstory on how both sword spirits came to be, please.

Oh, and the insinuation of Link and Zelda acting as Adam and Eve at the end to repopulate the surface/start a new country was a shot to my anti-shipping heart... (Didn't Groose say he was staying too earlier? Now that Grannie's gone, he's going back? Did he give up on Zelda? Kinda hoped/figured he'd still hang around to get between those two...)

Final boss was frustrating (as were several major battles throughout), mostly because I can't seem to control the Wiimote very well. I dunno whether that's a flaw in the game design or the equipment or just my lack of coordination/practice.

Flying was at least more fun than sailing. I do miss riding around a vast open space on solid ground though.

Favorite dungeon was the fourth. Really liked the theme of it. The boss was fun too (when it wasn't kicking my butt).

Didn't mind the fetch quests or retracking that much. I am a little annoyed by the fact you can only get the last two hearts by having Life Medals in your inventory. Would've preferred searching for Heart Pieces, honestly. I like finding where they're hidden in clever locations.

Overall, the game was okay. Just very difficult for me at times. Hard to get the same thrill out of fighting when my attacks fail more often than not. It's like it won't listen to me at crucial moments, instead doing something completely different than what I intended. (Though occasionally I find out later it's my own mistake, like thinking I had to hold down B to select bombs every time for the second boss. ^^; Kinda like I didn't know you could jump over sharks in WW. >>; Got a chance to correct my strategy somewhat during Boss Rush Mode at least...) Getting a sore arm after several hours of gameplay doesn't bode well for my marathoning habits either... Still, it was an enjoyable experience for the most part. I would've liked more out of it in terms of story and characters though. Honestly, I think Groose was perhaps the most memorable person for me. Go Groosenator!
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