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The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Maybe it's just me, but replaying Zelda games has been kind of difficult for me the past few years. I have to stop playing for a while after beating a dungeon, or getting to a dungeon from the end of a previous dungeon. For Windwaker itself, the sea travel isn't as irritating as I remember it, since I have a laptop by my side while sailing. Storywise, this is a nice game. I also like the music from this that isn't a remix of a previous song. This song is especially nice. It's just a shame I get bored if I play too long.

Kid Icarus Uprising
Ugh. This game is not nice to lefties. I have a massive disability in this game. I'll try to adjust though. I know I can change the controls, but I think adjusting to using my right hand for things like this will be a neat experience. Though the game itself is kind of dull. Maybe it'll get better as the difficulty increases.
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