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A New Year demands a new thread! I'll kick us off:


GET & BEAT: Asura's Wrath

GET! Review!

Is Asura's Wrath was a good game? I'm not sure about that. Would I say it was a good TV show? Yes. Yes I would, because let's be honest here: Asura's Wrath was not a game, it was an interactive TV series. The story itself is built off of Asian mythology mixed with modern day science fiction and follows Asura, the demigod of Wrath, as he fights for revenge against the seven other great deities who betray him and become gods themselves (et tu, God of War?). The game is divided into 22 episodes, each clocking in at about 20 minutes of play time, mimicking a japanese anime to the core, down to the interludes for a commercial break (no, I'm not even kidding).

If you play games for a good story, by all means go for it. A grandiose tale of gods and demigods, betrayal, vengeance, anger, and incredibly over the top battles - it's all there. While it's not exactly a good story and the characters are about as two dimensional as a they appear on screen (aside from Yasha, but just barely), it's definitely captivating and speaks to the kid who loves "epic" stories in all of us. Stunning and gorgeous visuals and great, beautiful eastern inspired orchestral pieces and even a reoccurring appearance from a western-frontier piece set the mood and tone for the environment and atmosphere for the game.

I'm more than put off by the fact that Capcom/CyberConnect2 released a "true" ending DLC which cost $7, even if it was satisfying. The game as it is bought from retail has only 18 episodes separated into 3 parts, and the fourth and final part with the additional 4 episodes must be purchased separately - a classic case of nickel and diming. While yes, the 18th episode seemingly ends the story with a somewhat satisfying end, there is a "true episode 18" which can be unlocked by completing 5 or more episodes on S Rank. This then unlocks an extra minute to the ending cutscene which completely changes the end and thus makes the "ending" unacceptable, so you have to go purchase the "Part IV Episode Pack" to see how it REALLY ends! Absolutely ridiculous. That said, yes, I am a bit of a hypocrite because I did purchase it, but I see it like this: 1. I purchased the game pre-owned, so CC2 and Capcom didn't get any prior money from me and 2. I will be returning the game to GameStop and getting my money back because I am still within the week return limit and there is zero replay value - so, I basically spent $7 to play a game. But to those who purchased this at full price brand new? The DLC should have been free. It is utterly ridiculous that they are now withholding entire pieces of a story in order to get more.

Will there be a sequel? Probably. They surprisingly left it open for one that has the potential to be... stupid looking, if it happens. Will I play it? Maybe. I liked this game for what it was - an over the top, unnecessarily exaggerated and choreographed fighting adventure game with a story based around hindu and buddhist gods and goddesses duking it out in the stupidly largest and big ways you can imagine. You even fight
Spoiler: show
the fucking Earth itself. I'm not kidding. The entire planet.

Saying Asura's Wrath falls short on gameplay would be an understatement, but it is still a fantastic and fun experience I highly recommend nonetheless, especially if mythology and sci-fi is your thing. So, would I say Asura's Wrath was a good game? I'm not sure about that. Would I say it was a good TV show? Yes. Would I say it's a great experience? Absolutely.


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