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Sableye Round 3: Rubble stuff

Sorry for the moderate delay, I was waiting for my charger to come in. Mostly because my laptop works so much better than my desktop.

Mysteria wants to get out of the rubble pretty badly, and thinks that the best idea is to try and dig out of the rubble. She is pretty stuck, but her arms are somewhat free, so, she uses her sharp claws to dig through the soft soil, easily moving it. But, her problem is that she can't really move(triple the Gs means triple the weight), and tries to dig out her legs. But, it doesn't work very well. Anasazi sees Mysteria struggling, and slams his foot into the ground, causing a powerful shock wave of ground energy to form. It hits both the rubble and Mysteria, doing some nice damage as well as freeing her legs somewhat. She is now able to get out, and digs underground, before coming up outside of the tomb. Her claws become covered in a nightly glow as she eyes Anasazi, before going to rush him, ready to rake him. But, Anasazi just hits the ground repeatedly, causing irregular shock waves of energy to ring out. These waves hit Mysteria, and cause her to trip, losing her momentum and causing the attack to fail.

Mysteria took a lot of damage this round, and is about halfway to the final quarter. She used quite a bit of energy too, and is close to half energy. Going to need a one mover if she still wants to be in the game.

Anasazi took no damage, and used a lot of energy. He is very close to half, and will also need a one mover. Ground is gone.

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