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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post

No! Make them go away! Your thoughts (and possibly words) rambled on with the same idea. This was trickery you thought and you didn’t feel like being a part of it. You began to shake, wanting to cower away. Sensing this, Freighya is determined to save you and leaps into action. You see her body glow a bright light, the contours of her body elongating and her tail becoming thin and splitting into two. Her ears became more cat-like and soon the glow faded to reveal a pink-bodied Espeon. An Espeon who was firing of Psybeams left and right haphazardly in an effort to destroy “the illusion” as you thought it to be. Eleven joins your side and holds your hand in comfort.

The teens scramble and run in panic as the Psybeams close in on them. You want to shut your ears and eyes, and you do, putting your hands over your face and wishing for it to be gone. You could still hear the shouting and the screaming, and then it stopped.


You pull your hands away and notice an Eevee, Freighya, looking up at you worryingly. Eleven was still holding onto your hand, trying to soothe you and looking equally worried at you. The teens exchanged confused glances at one another, standing in exactly the same position as when you had first seen them.

“Uhm, Kawaii?” one of them asks. “Are you okay? You were crying and yelling.”

One of the boys walked out of the group to the front, making himself recognisable to you. You knew him. It was the dream guy you had swooned over before. For some reason he was here as well. “Kawaii?” he asks, “Why don’t you come over and join us?” He gives you one of the most charming smiles imaginable. Both Freighya and Eleven encourage you to move on, hoping you were alright, but it is then that you hear the same crying coo from earlier. It echoed throughout the building, down the walls and floorboards, through the very air, but not one of the others paid so much as an ounce of attention to it - it was like they didn’t even hear it.

Last chance to stay with your peers.
What do you do?

This was too much. Kawaii could not believe what her senses told her. The only thing she truly knew in this moment is that the real Freighya was an Espeon. She knew that her dream guy would never be here, and also never know her name. He was a guy who made his living over the internet and he lived in a region far away. Lastly, he was way too old to be among these teens. Something in that made Kawaii stand up. She looked the people in the face and took a breath. "You are not real but some kind of illusion." She shook her head to clear it "I don't care if you are some kind of powerful Ditto but I don't like what you are doing to my head."
Eleven could not do much in the moment, she was low level and could not do much damage. She thought through her move pool for even the slightest thing, and then she realized she knew an attack that might work. She took a breath and began to float in the air to MEDITATE and see the truth. Maybe a detect attack would have worked better but this might work as well. She cleared her ind and hoped to see the truth as soon as she opened her eyes.
Frieghya stopped, realizing it was not an illusion. Maybe these creatures were in disguise? She picked a random "teen" and focused on it's thoughts. She could now talk through thoughts and thus could read other's as well. She hoped this might solve the dilemma of what was going on.

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