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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
I agree. But I'm somewhat glad for it. It feels like they're keeping their cards closer to this chest for this one, which makes sense given that ORAS was a remake with only a few changes to the story and nothing else new whereas SM is brand new with never-before-seen Pokémon, cities, gameplay, and more. As someone trying to avoid spoilers, Alola has felt like I've been spoiled on more than I was on Kalos yet, at the same time, feels like there's been a lot less revealed this go around. (That or I just haven't been spoiled on nearly as much as I think I have.) With Kalos, there was the frustration that they had revealed near about every single new line before the games came out, and so even working super hard to avoid spoilers I was still spoiled on the likes of Pancham and Fletchling. This go around, I think I've seen the same number of new Pokémon and yet it feels like they haven't revealed nearly as much as they did for Gen 6.
Part of this is that we know that Alola is chock-full of crazy shit like I KNEW BETTER AND DID IT ANYWAY and THERE ARE ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT AND I DECIDED WHAT CONSTITUTES AS A SPOILER ON MY OWN TERMS AND NOW I'M BEING PUBLICLY SHAMED FOR IT (SHAME ME). Not spoiling, but know it's crazy shit.

The full list of pokemon exists as a leak, but it really just served to make me wonder exactly what the fuck is in this game. And that is, imo, the sign of an ideal leak. Even if you're following spoilers and news, you're still going to be surprised and overwhelmed by this game just because everything is so new and different.

It's like when people were following the Sombra leaks for Overwatch. They knew what she looks like, what she does as a backstory, and what she wants, but not how she'll play, what her character is, or even what kind of gun she's going to use. She's a hacker...what does that MEAN in the context of a shooter? The more information was released, the more players felt in the dark about her. żQuién es Sombra? Who even fucking knows?

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