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Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
It feels like oras demo had way more to it.
I agree. But I'm somewhat glad for it. It feels like they're keeping their cards closer to this chest for this one, which makes sense given that ORAS was a remake with only a few changes to the story and nothing else new whereas SM is brand new with never-before-seen Pokémon, cities, gameplay, and more. As someone trying to avoid spoilers, Alola has felt like I've been spoiled on more than I was on Kalos yet, at the same time, feels like there's been a lot less revealed this go around. (That or I just haven't been spoiled on nearly as much as I think I have.) With Kalos, there was the frustration that they had revealed near about every single new line before the games came out, and so even working super hard to avoid spoilers I was still spoiled on the likes of Pancham and Fletchling. This go around, I think I've seen the same number of new Pokémon and yet it feels like they haven't revealed nearly as much as they did for Gen 6.

I dunno. We'll see. Regardless, I'm glad the demo isn't giving away too much. I came to have fun with the starters (and was denied orz). I still want most of my city, music, and of course story discoveries to be made through the game proper.
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