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Hey, um... guess what? I'm alive!

(Well, I was never dead in the first place, just really inactive because not sure how to participate in UPN when don't know how to ASB or Fizzy Bubbles ;A; )

But... now I need your help. Sneezey and me both, actually!

We are pretty much flat-out broke. In all seriousness, we have about food for a week and about $5.00 to our name. Then after that, we're honestly not sure what to do. My parents have put their foot down and refuse to send us any more money for their own reasons... and with extremely limited transportation and resources, I'm stuck here with Sneezey trying to figure out how to survive until he starts his job (which we don't know when it will actually start at this point) and gets his first paycheck.

The solution? Commissions.

Usually I put my prices around:

$2 for a digital sketch
$5 for a black and white lineart
$10 for a colored vector
+ $5 for a background
+ $2 for every extra character

BUT. I would be willing to lower my prices if you cannot pay that much, plus I know that money doesn't grow on trees and you guys need money for your reasons, so on.

So if you can help us, then... that would be amazing. If not, then it's alright. I'm sure we will find another way to make money. But this is one of the ways that I can use my talents to do so...
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