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Originally Posted by Coolz8 View Post
Woah, Miss Kimi! :o You are really good with shading and lineart!!! Could you please teach me a bit, too?
Aww, thanks for the compliments! I may not be the most amazing artist in the entire world, but if you truly are interested in seeing how I draw then feel free to lurk on my livestream some time (that is, when I actually stream again. XD I haven't done one of my art streams in a long while!)

Other than that, I actually have a Tumblr that I update every now and then, though I've been a bit neglectful of that as well. XD

Here's the links though to both if you are interested~ :3

Kimiko's Livestream

Ask The Fluttershy Tumblr -- WARNING: Pony Tumblr
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