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The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas

Weather Ball (Various) -- The user collects the current weather in a ball of energy and sends it at the victim, dealing good damage. In the sun, the energy ball is very hot, made of fire energy; in rain, it's water, etc.

The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)
No inherent problem.

The proposed changes (please do not rewrite the moves yourself)
Could the power scale up if the weather is atypical? In game it goes from 50 to 100 before SE and STAB modifiers. Since that would be easily abused if it remains energy efficient; maybe scale it to significant for considerable or significant energy? I know there is a general aversion to grant more Heavy level moves. A bump to considerable is still much better than the current good level under atypical weather.
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