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Now then, given the discussion that's going on, let's steer this elsewhere.

Growl (XX) -- Using mild energy, the user growls loudly at the target, scaring it slightly and possibly interrupting its action. Growl also has a 30% chance to slightly lower the foe's physical attack stat for a few round. If there is some reason that the opponent wouldn't be scared (size difference, bio, etc.), Growl will fail.

Pound (XX) -- The user punches the opponent, causing moderate damage.
Additional Legal Moves
A small number of basic moves may be ordered for nearly any Pokémon, provided they have sufficient anatomy to perform it.

Tackle, Body Slam, Skull Bash, Headbutt - All Pokémon who are able to achieve a solid form can use these four moves. However, if they cannot use the move legally, Tackle will cause slight recoil, Body Slam will lose its paralysis chance, Skull Bash will lack its protective shield, and Headbutt will be slightly less powerful.
Growl - All Pokémon capable of making vocalizations will be able to use Growl, though Pokémon who are able to use the move legally will be able to perform it more successfully.
Bite, Pound, Tail Whip - All Pokémon who have teeth/limbs/a tail may use Bite/Pound/Tail Whip with no reduction in damage or drawbacks.
So most people are aware of all Pokemon being able to use a Burst Agility, use a Tail Whip etc, but we have problems discerning how the other moves can be used. Could we have these descriptions be moved to the relevant moves as well so that it's more clear what limbs could be used?

In particular, Pound, as Aposteriori has pointed out so kindly, needs to have the description changed to not just be "punch" but more rather hit with at least some force using a limb. Ash's Treecko has always been able to use Pound with its tail, even when it evolves as Apost has already pointed out.

EDIT for Kush: I removed all the other moves which were adequately written, so it's only Growl and Pound that I'm focusing the spotlight on here.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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