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So my Fender amp is out of commission and I'm 'working' out of a Roland Cube which is more adorable than useful.

I tried recording a thing, but trying to get a decent tone had me fiddling with dials for like, six minutes, then the sound got blown out.

So I did a second take, dialed back the master volume and eased up a bit on gain, and hey hey, you couldn't hear shit half the time. What you could hear sounded really muddy and just... gah. It doesn't have any control for mids, so you're either really crunchy and loud or super soft and clean.

I am a musician who can't music in my own thread about music, I am the worst person.

To make up for that failure, have this: "My Favorite Mutiny" - The Coup. I don't know if any of you are into hiphop at all, but the beat and backing vocals in this track are fucking gorgeous. (That, and I'll listen to anything with Talib or Mos Def in it.)

EDIT: Dug around for old recordings, found two short acoustic bits I was planning on working with then just... forgot about, I guess. Content!

Thing One (I had been listening to a lot of Sun Kil Moon)

Thing Two (No comment)

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