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Let's Music

WE want YOUR Hipster Indie Garbage!

There are threads for music discussion.

There are threads for indicating that you play an instrument.

There are threads for general media recommendation and consumption.

Where are the threads for the bands?

Ratatat - Abrasive

Here's one. Let's shoot. Members in bands, solo artists, aspiring rappers or beat makers, skilled remixers and producers, whomsoever feels the need to have a place to discuss the MI or the art.

Wanna post rig rundowns? Go for it.

Wanna argue over whether or not a Telecaster is viable for harder songs? Feel free. (For the record, it is.)

Wanna post lyrics you've written, link songs you've created, promote gigs or debate the virtues of heavy distortion versus clean tones?

I'm not expecting this thread to get heavy traffic, but if there is a small community of musicians and artists in the UPN horde, I wanna give 'em a place that's all their own.
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