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Re: Tetsu's Training Ground

Kris leaned against the cool stone wall of the base, watching silently as Luxord entered the room. As he passed by her without so much as a glance in her direction she moved forward, her foot landing heavily on the end of his tail. She leaned in close from behind him, lips moving in a hiss barely an inch from his pointed, tattered ear.

"You think you're something else, don't you? You quite get off on corrupting and abusing everything around you. It's okay. Live it up."

She reached out, and smoothed the fur on his head, her touch mocking.

"You'll get what's coming to you someday."

Her expressed was icy as she straightened herself and moved away from Luxord, releasing his tail. Silently, she turned, and slip outside to join Tetsu, looking and feeling quite as sour as the look on both their faces.
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