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Re: Tetsu's Training Ground

Kris watched in horror as Larxene was ripped into the air, falling many yards away with a guttural groan. Before she would even respond, she was pulled through the air again, collapsing in front of Saix as a horrible, searing pain coursed through her entire being. Meanwhile, all Kris could do was sob almost dryly, watching in horror was a psychic explosion ripped through the air. There was a shattering sound, and as smoke and dust mingled with the shards of ice that danced in the warm evening air, all fell silent for a moment. Snow collapsed in his trainer's arms, and a moment later, Saix followed suit, sinking to the ground, leaving only three egg shapes in his wake.

Back still pressed to the stone facing, Kris watched as Tetsu administered the first healing orb to Snowy. He then gave the second to Larxene, who didn't stir. Tears welling in her eyes she stood and lurched forward unsteadily, bolting right past the other trainer as spoke to offer her the third egg.

Collapsing by her Pokemon, ignoring her own own wound which was still seeping lightly with thick blood, she gathered the Cacturne in her arms. for all the abuse she had suffered at the hands of Larxene, she still regardless loved her, even if, it seemed, Larxene would rather spill the girl's innards. Gently, she shook the golden cactus shape, repeating her name over and over. Larxene stirred very slightly, her low, sultry voice groaning as the last fleeting wisps of pain wracked her body before eventually giving way to the healing energy. She opened her eyes to see Kris' tear stained face, and for a moment the Pokemon's chest ached as the vaguest hint of regret flitted her psyche. Kris collapsed and hug her Pokemon tight, and Larxene didn't stir, waiting until Kris eventually broke away and stood before climbing to her own feet. She felt hollow, and a little confused. She did not like her 'trainer', and abhorred the idea of such a creature having any control over her, but at the same time, couldn't stomach the idea of breaking away. Kris was the only thing that had ever shed tears over her.

Head hung, the Cacturne slowly lifted her hood over her head. without so much and a grunt, she turned her back to the trainers and the remaining glimpses of chaos that lay scattered about the plateau, and simply walked off, feeling that she needed time to reevaluate the situation. Kris furrowed her brows but didn't object, instead turning to Tetsu with an almost sad look. After reassuring herself that him and Snowy were both at least in one piece, she shifted and walked over to where Saix' unconscious form lay. Kneeling beside him, she picked up his body, and shot a glance at Tetsu once more.

"We can't leave him out here. Do you have a place we could lay him?"
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