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Re: Tetsu's Training Ground

As Larxene raised her arm, the moon rose on the horizon, full and white.

Suddenly, Larxene was knocked back and flew a good ten yards straight into a boulder. Everyone turned to find the source of the immense power which just flung a Cacturn a good 30 feet.

Saix was standing in the center of the plateau, hood down, pearls pure white, shining in the moonlight. His eyes glowed with the same white intensity as his pearls. His breathing was heavy and slow, and he held his claymore in his right hand. Saix rose his free arm, and a dark crescent shape formed on each shining gem. Instantly, Larxene was ripped from her landing place, and was placed in front of Saix. The moment her feet touched ground, she fell over in excruciating pain, gripping her head and writhing about.

"Saix! Stop this now!" Tetsu screamed, "Don't hurt her! I don't care what she's done but you will not hurt her!"

Saix turned towards Tetsu, and, without any thought on the manner, shot a gigantic Psychic blast at the trainer.

In an instant, there was a large explosion, and dust flew through the air. There was an audible gasp from somewhere, but there was too much smoke and dust to tell exactly where it originated. When the smoke cleared, Snowy was in front of Tetsu with a large solid screen of ice in front of him. The screen shattered into thousands of shards, and Snowy fell limply into Tetsu's arms, battered and exhausted.

For a long time, Saix stood unmoving. Tetsu started to cry. A single tear rolled down his face, and fell upon Snowy's weak form, causing a small stain on his mineral-based outer skin.

Saix was extremely confused. The person who was good to him was being attacked by this fiend. And Tetsu wanted to stop him from punishing her! It was unthinkable!


Tetsu was his trainer. And, although it didn't seem like it, he had given him a chance. He was not the one who made him this way. It was...

Before Saix could finish his thought, he collapsed on the ground. His pearls became black again without a trace of white, and he suddenly lost consciousness. However, right before he did, three egg-shaped blobs of energy fell onto the ground beside him. Softboiled eggs, the only thing that he could tie to his days as a Spoink. They had a magical power to heal whatever wound or ailment that one had, especially if they are being given out of love and caring. He knew that it was more important to help those who he cared for then to get back at the one who did him wrong.

Tetsu slowly raised his head. Both Larxene and Saix lay on the ground, out cold. Tetsu ran over to the fallen Pokemon, and bent down, setting Snowy gently on the cool dusty ground. He took a long look at Saix, who's pearls were reflecting the moonlight brilliantly.

"Do not fret, Tetsu-sama." Luxord hissed as he approached his fallen co-members, "He shall awaken once the moon sets. As for her though, feed her an egg. I still require her services."

Tetsu glared daggers at Luxord. "We'll talk later. For now, go and make sure that Will and Matt haven't destroyed the base."

Luxord grimaced, and turned away, heading for the base.

Tetsu picked up one of the eggs, which was about the size of a basketball. It felt warm to the touch, and it radiated a calm and refreshing feeling. He placed it upon Snowy, and it started to sink into him. His wounds healed, and, when the egg had completely gone, he woke up. He took the next egg and placed it upon Larxene. The egg did the same to her, but it did not wake her up. Instead, she lay there, semi-conscious, as if she were in a deep sleep. He held up the last one and looked at it for a moment.

"Hey, Kris!" he called, "You might want this."

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