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Re: Tetsu's Training Ground

Tetsu was absolutely flabbergasted at the sudden appearance of his friend Kris, who immediately began shouting swears at him the moment she saw him. Desperately sprinting towards him, he wasn't sure whether to run or ask if she was ok. He opted for neither of the options as Kris collapsed in front of him, gasping and moaning.

"Uh," Tetsu started, not sure what to do, "Is everything ok, Kris?"

Just then, Luxord appeared near the base, and Tetsu got the feeling that he was behind all of this.

"Hold that thought," Tetsu started, holding out a hand as he stood up. "Luxord!"

The Raichu turned towards his trainer with an angry look. Tetsu ran over to him, matching Luxord's look with an annoyed look of his own.

"Luxord, have you been doing something to her Pokemon?" Tetsu interrogated.

"Yes. Yes I have. I've been training Larxene, her Cacturn." he responded in his hissing English.

"What have you done to her?"

"Oh, nothing, Tetsu-sama."

"Where is she?"

"Just over yonder." Luxord pointed to a tall unmoving figure who stood a few feet away from them, hidden by a large boulder. "Larxene, show yourself." he ordered, this time talking normally.

The Cacturn stepped out from behind the rock, dropping her hood and revealing a golden head.

"Now, I must go." he was speaking to Tetsu in English again. He immediately teleported away to who-knows-where.

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