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Re: Tetsu's Training Ground

Kris' shoes crunched heavily over the dry, barren earth. She was slouching miserably, consumed by the region's smothering heat, and all she could think of as she plodded along at hear meager and ever slowing pace was that she was going to kick so very serious ass when she found Larxene.

It had been two or so weeks since her had disappeared with warning, accompanied by a batter Raichu and a Grumpig of the most peculiar nature. It had taken her some time--though she had never really given it hard thought to begin with--to figure out quite where she had seen the increasingly familiar Pokemon before, and it had only hit her that morning that they were the unruly companions of one of her so-called friends. She had been on foot for hours, trekking the arduous trail between the Mansion and the Mountains with only brief monorail rides to ease her ever-aching feet. She was hot, tired, hungry, and not-too-happy.

In the distance she could see the winding mountain trail branch out into a wide plateau overlooking the valley bellow. A young man sat knealt beside a Snorunt, both of which looked rather concerned, not that Kris particularly cared what with her current foul mood.

"TETSU YOU BASTARD!!!", she screamed, her high-pitched voice like nails on a chalkboard. She broke into a run, screaming several more incomprehensible obscenities before collapsing without much warning a few feet from him, panting like an old dog. She gurgled a little, and waved her hand almost accusingly at him, though all that came from her mouth were guttoral moans.
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