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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post

Pokémon Birthday Presents:
  • x1 Birthday Candy Cake: What's a birthday without a cake? Gives 3 levels.
  • x1 Birthday Berry Milkshake: A nice refreshing shake so good, it can make a Pokémon feel a totally new experience, or remind them of young, blissful times. Teaches either an Egg Move or a Move Tutor move.
  • x1 TM
  • x1 Birthday Gummi: That rare treat can't be found anywhere but here! Raises Bond by 2.
Alright, time for the first birthday celebration since my return, and what better way to start then with the great Alolan deity Diglett, Pa!

*Pa grew from level 11 to level 14!*
*Pa learned Magnitude!*
*Pa learned MT Stealth Rock!*
*Pa learned TM Aerial Ace!*
*Pa's bond rose from 0 to 2!*

Thank you :)
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