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WarioWare Gold
Was all set on buying this when it was instead given to me! Woohoo!

Shenmue I & II
This is a get and unget! Unget cause I returned it unopened due to the games being bugged out messes among other issues. Will reget someday if they ever get into a good release state.

WarioWare Gold
- 04:04:00
Loved this long overdue return to WarioWare! The weakest link outta its trio of playstyles for me was the Touch games but even then theres still plenty of fun ones in that category! Story modes short & wacky, and the silly/weirdness factor of the games got lotsa laughs outta me! That short time to beats not even half the game here - I'm still working away at beating target scores on the, what, 300 games included? Lotsa fun to be had yet!

Yakuza 2
- 32:05:36
Seeing as how the recently released remake had no selling points to me (actually it has anti-selling points!) I decided ta replay the classic instead! And its still a good one! I did a NG+ run which meant there were next to no side stories for me to do, so instead I cleaned up a ton of other optional stuff I hadn't done in the previous run! The hostess & coliseum stuff were big timesinks, as was doing my best ta fill out other completion lists. That said, next time I play'll prolly be on a fresh file cause it did feel alil empty without the sidestories.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward
- 20:36:00
Finally beat this one two years later! Not because I dropped the game or anything, I just played in really little spurts. Its fun to just sell some clothing, change your own style up, an call it a day. Its pretty nuts how much stuff there was to unlock in this one as the game progressed. Like ya think you'll just be selling clothing, maybe helping models put on shows like in Trendsetters? Ohhh no no no. If there's a job in this game then there a real high chance your character will be doing it o.o! I still haven't unlocked all the brands an I've read the post-games meaty so I'm still far from done-done!
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