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Detective Pikachu
- 13:15:25
From a really weird concept came a pretty fun game! Its really nice looking, the cases simple to solve, and ya gotta love Pikachu and his many words of wisdom! Here's hoping for a continuation!

Maze Walker
- 01:26:59
Fun lil Master System game that was part of the Sega 3D Classics Collection I grabbed a couple years back. I played it for alil back then an randomly sat down to try and beat... and I did! On my very last life! Theres a couple of nasty jumps late into the game but overall not the most difficult game ever, even if you're dumb an bad at games like I am!

Monster Hunter Stories
- 49:55:56
No Dragon Quest Monster localizations on the 3DS? No problem! This game scratches that very same itch! Its real addictive scavenging up items, doing quests, and diving into random nests for Monstie Eggs! The Rock/Paper/Scissor style combat feels good when you and your monstie nails it! Boss fights are tense since their HP isn't shown and ya don't know about their behaviors! Only the final boss felt unfair/fun imo. Post-games got even more new quests, powered up versions of monsters to fight, and the desire to continue refining and improving my team! After maaaany years of Capcom not making rpgs they've shown they still can, and well done at that! Now gimme another!!

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
- 11:17:14
This is the game that may well have been lil lindz' first experience with rpgs an it turned her away from 'em for a couple years. An ya know what? She was right! This game is B-O-R-I-N-G-! Its got a nice soundtrack, some good ideas that seemed ahead of their time (saving anywhere?!) but... there's no story. No characters. The dungeons are much to long for their own good. And the battling is braindead. And until the very end the hero character is underpowered compared to his companions that have waaay better stats an generally one-shot regular baddies. Bleh!
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