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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology
- 34:58:26
I was real happy with this game up until I got roadblocked by somehow being underleveled... a second time. At which point I switched to "Friendly" difficulty an blew through the lil bit of the game I had left real quickly! I like grinding when I want to not when I have to. Allegedly the DS version didn't have this issue and the remake was "rebalanced" to sell grinding DLC or some nonsense which "Friendly" makes moot so dunno what they were thinking there. Otherwise this is a really strong rpg in terms of battles being pretty interesting and the story and characters. Like the MC is an actual real deal adult with a job no less. Most of them are adults instead of the usual ragtag team of teens! Really really good stuff balancing issues aside.

- 45:24:32
20 years later this is still a bad game that I can't bring myself to hate. I still have fun playing it when it lets me play it. Disc 1 is more cutscene than gameplay. Town/Dungeon exploration length has nothing on that of cutscenes. Disc 2 is so much better even in the state its in so there!

Secret of Mana
- 17:45:52
The remake! I loved it aside from the like 4 times it crashed >.>; Updated art/graphics/music/translation = all good by me! AI partner gets stuck? Leave 'em behind! No longer gotta babysit them! Dashing makes your 100% meter go down bit by bit and then starts refilling when you stop instead of draining it wholesale. Plus you can change directions while dashing! All this adds up to being able to avoid unwanted encounters and blow through one room after the next as you desire! I still dislike the ring menus but even so some of the menus were enhanced a good bit like the Weapons one. The inn skits are nice funny lil things to! Basically I'ma never play the SNES version again!
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