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Does Tapu Koko outspeed before Greninja form changes? That's a big deal.

Consistency is a good point - like, Aegislash has been OU tested three times - in XY, ORAS, and SM - and I think in the most recent voting it wasn't very convincing.
"waaa I don't like getting better at this game let's just ban this pokemon I can't play around because we've banned it before isn't it inevitable"

I don't usually buy into the FW rhetoric, but it was really strong this suspect. There was a lot of "well it was banned before, so what's the point of bringing it back" and of course the completely laughable 50/50 argument.

Speed Boost as an ability isn't banned, while Shadow Tag is. Why is this important? Because Blaziken is banned solely due to Speed Boost, making even Blaze variants illegal. However, Wobbuffet with Telepathy is legal to use. It's contradictory and only makes sense if you say Shadow Tag is no longer unique to Wobbuffet and Speed Boost is a "complex ban"...which it really isn't.
B-but think of Ninjask? Scolipede? What? We banned Baton Pass, the true problem with the metagame. Speed Boost had nothing to do with it. Nasty Plot Celebi was broken, you see.
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