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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
I don't think OU actually cares at all about what happens in VGC, TDK just doesn't want to admit when he has a flaming dumpster fire of a metagame where one Pokemon is clearly at the very minimum overcentralizing to a very extreme amount and yet he wants to do nothing about it. Aegislash never hit these levels of usage and yet it was hated for being overcentralizing. I genuinely don't think there is any consistency in suspect policy in the OU Council right now, and that's a shame even compared to Gen VI. But I think this falls on the shoulders of OU's current leadership, and their stubborn refusal to want to do anything about something that is clearly unhealthy in their meta is insane.
I don't know too much about the politics because a lot of stuff gets pruned, and depending on where you go you tend to get very biased opinions. By any chance, do you know what happened from Gen V until now that has upset Smogon in such a way? Consistency is a good point - like, Aegislash has been OU tested three times - in XY, ORAS, and SM - and I think in the most recent voting it wasn't very convincing. Greninja had a very flimsy ban that I'm sure happened during ORAS. There was also weird stuff like having Marshadow work its way into Ubers, but never testing Reshiram despite the presence of the Tapus and powerful OU dragons like Naganadel (who then got banned) or Kyurem-B.

Speed Boost as an ability isn't banned, while Shadow Tag is. Why is this important? Because Blaziken is banned solely due to Speed Boost, making even Blaze variants illegal. However, Wobbuffet with Telepathy is legal to use. It's contradictory and only makes sense if you say Shadow Tag is no longer unique to Wobbuffet and Speed Boost is a "complex ban"...which it really isn't.

Originally Posted by Emi View Post
On the Ash Greninja point, normal Battle Bond Greninja loses super hard to Mega Charizard Y thanks to Drought and Solar Beam. There's probably other Pokemon that are responsible for this as well, since this inherent flaw to Battle Bond Greninja was always why it was a cleaner.
Just playing around with the calculator, I can see how MCY has the advantage, but this isn't Desolate Land territory - one would think there's opportunity for such a popular Pokemon to get an edge. That said, here's the VGC usage and it's something of a mixed bag. I only see Fini and Zapdos as clear checks. Everything else looks like potential prey: three Psychics, two Fire, a Ground and a Rock. Tapu Koko is outsped and OHKO'd by Hydro Pump. Almost anything should die to a Hydro Vortex or a Black Hole Eclipse.
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