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Is the ability really that good? My impression with Moxie-type abilities is they're best used on fast Pokemon, although I guess that does tie in to the low speed. Still, both Magearna and her fire counterpart Heatran are pretty efficient at their stat spreads (15.8% and 15.0% respectively - within 1 SD of average) but Hetran's ability offers more utility, especially against opposing Heatran.

As for a ban, no OU Pokemon is under suspect right now, not even this guy:

Landorus-Therian - 49.06947%

There's been a lot of grumbling about Lando-T for this very reason, and I think the Smogon council came out and said they're not going to suspect him regardless of usage. I don't know too much about the politics involved, and I have my own suspicions, but I don't think the council wants to deviate too far from VGC anymore, and Lando-T is the dominant force in Japan's VGC due to Intimidate.

As an aside, Incineroar also spiked in usage due to Intimidate. Yet, in spite of Lando-T, Incineroar and Charizard Y at the top of usage, I don't see the special-hitting Ash-Greninja anywhere...
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