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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
  • Rewards:
  • 40 Watts
  • x1 TR Future Sight
  • x3 Payapa Berries
  • +3 Levels, +6 Levels for Pokemon Lv 30 or under. +3 Rare Candes for Lv. 100s

It only took three blows. Spewpa's Pollen Puff, followed by a couple strong Dark Pulses, one of which seemed to would the Duosion especially critically, were enough to knock the remaining Dynamax energy out of its system. The explosion signifying the fight's end went off, and the Duosion shrank back down to its normal size, no longer burdened with the overflow of max energies and the accompanying madness. This was always curious to PJ. Why did the Dynama energies overwhelm a Pokemon near the power spots? Why did they explode when the energies were depleted? Why... a lot of things. Maybe he'd be able to look into all of that.

"Return, Spewpa," PJ pulled out the Pokemon's Ball and hit him with the recall beam. "You did really well, boy. I think you've earned a name from this crusade here. You proved yourself quite strong and resilient, and you clearly fight for your friends." PJ pondered on it for a second, as the Gym Leader started to distribute rewards to the raiders for their service. "Hm... I like 'Ike'. From now on, Spewpa, your name shall be Ike. It just feels fitting." He was starting to understand what his uncle said sometimes, about how sometimes, a Pokemon's name will become clear after time. The name just felt right in the moment. He hadn't come up with it so much as it just kinda came to him. This Spewpa was most definitely Ike.

PJ collected his reward for a job well done, and, with a nod from Lemon, departed the Gym. There were the customary Berries, Payapas in this case, as well as a Technical Record for the move Future Sight. A pretty good move to have in a Pokemon's arsenal, though he was unsure of that exactly he would do with it. He wasn't sure what he'd do with it, what Pokemon he might teach it to, but there were many options he could go with, and he was sure whatever choice he made with it, it would be the right choice for the moment. It would be hard for him to make a wrong choice with such a move.

40 Watts
TR Future Sight
3 Payapa Berries
Spewpa has gone from level 9 to level 15
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