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Loch Bygone Raid Battle 13: vs. Bronzor!

Raid Boss Bronzor

Health gauge: 100%
Shields Up: 0
Status: None.

Raid Challengers

Lil'twick, Sableye: 400 HP {Expert Belt (+20% damage if SE)}
grassyglide, Yamask-G: 400 HP {Spell Tag (+20% to Ghost moves)}
sixdragons, Nincada: 400 HP {Aegis of Frost (+2 Def, unable to use status moves)}
Zorchic, Pawniard: 400 HP {Shuca Berry (halves SE Ground moves)}

The raiders return to the lake to find a mighty blue coinlike creature hovering above all, seemingly searching for something, and on spotting the raiders it rings out a hollow battle cry that reverberates throughout the area. As the battle begins, Nincada feels energy flowing around them.

Dynamax Initiative: Sixdragons, Nincada.

  • Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.
  • Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.
  • When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).
  • If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.
  • Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.
  • You have until Friday, 8th October to place your order.
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