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Missingno. Master-

Conversing with your Cutiefly, the two of you discuss the origins of the library and ponder what stories it will take you through. Fiction... home to unknown fantasies and things that only exists in the recesses of the human mind. Everyone had a story to tell, even if it was using the most basic and simple of tools available. Create a hero, a villain, and then a world for them to interact. But what set it all apart was that there was an underlying feeling of "this will never exist."

And as you dive into a book, you brace yourself for whatever could happen next. Houses made of candy, giant beanstalks, or even a fanciful castle. Fairytales were all about enchanting the minds of the young, imparting ideals beneath a saccharine backdrop. Though, modern fairytales are nothing like the ones of old... Gruesome and dark. Grim, even.

As you enter the world of the story, you seem to have chosen one such tale. The sound of a girl's voice fills your ears, though from where you aren't certain. Looking around, you see beautiful plains and sprawling forests. The sky was clear, with nary a cloud in sight. A picturesque day, perfect in every way.

Yet, you could not find the maiden, even if her song-filled you. Looking around, you notice a spire on the far horizon. A girl in a tower, a little bit of a cliche, but what would you expect. These stories were what made these cliches a reality. And nary not but the song and that one tiny interesting detail, it seemed that was the start of this tale. What unfolds next, well, you'll have to see.

What do you do?

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