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As I mentioned in the FB TO, I've been sleep-deprived all week, so the "nap" I took in the afternoon on Friday ended up lasting 14 hours.

During that time, I had a dream that I was in this white building with no furniture and no windows; just doors that lead from one room to another, and the occasional staircase to another floor of bare, white rooms, and maybe a blood spatter or two. Occasionally, I would see a static-laden TV set on the ground, or a painting on a wall. The people that lived there were terrified of something that lived in the walls; they were always on edge, and talking to them was difficult because of the massive amounts of anxiety they were constantly under. Occasionally, I would be talking to someone in this building (I do not remember what the conversations were about, though I do remember generally that I was asking them about the building and about if they had a room open for me to live in for some reason), and suddenly the walls would move. Like, the wallpaper would pulse and shiver like something was crawling under it. Then, this mass of tiny ant-looking things would burst out of a crack in the wall or a corner and start crawling up a person's legs, biting into their clothes and then their flesh, to get at their blood. They would crawl over the person's face and bite into their earlobes and eyeballs and it was really quite the sight. Hard to describe unless you were there, I guess. Eventually, the person would be bleeding so profusely and would be so horribly bitten that they would usually keel over, but since the creatures only drank the blood of the living, they would stop feasting the moment a person died.

I ended up realizing that the blood these creatures required was actually not that much in total, so if you actually cut yourself open and offered them the cut, they would feast from that instead of the messy, potentially deadly process of them creating the openings for you. My discovery saved the lives of the people living in the building and they started carrying knives around and stuff for the purpose of cutting themselves if the swarm came, but rather than thank me, they told me I couldn't live there anymore and nicely, but firmly kicked me out.

I'm sure there's some kind of meaning to all that... but I can't think of it, other than that I have a very messed-up subconscious.
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