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I forgot to mention the cashier was raving that his name was "Alex Plummer". I think from now on Alex Plummer is going to be the effigy my brain summons when I want to mentally main someone when I'm frustrated or angry.

No, the dream has nothing to do with Muv-Luv. That's why I found it so queer. Nearly a week of short dream bursts involving Muv-Luv and out of nowhere this patchwork abberation.

There might be some connections, though.

1. Capitol avenue is where I catch my bus rides back home from work. I went to work on Sunday, but that event was book-ended buy Muv-Luv immersion and even while I was at work, I was thinking about it.
2. I often go to liquor stores before I climb onto buses to buy cheap candy. Yesterday, I ate some old chocolate-covered gingerbread men, typical of what I would get at such stores.
3. Getting a gun pointed at me is pretty reminiscent of Muv-Luv, but that's a military story, so it's given.
4. How I reacted - basically ignoring the gunman, is something I might have done in real life.
5. Grabbing the gun barrel and turning it on him without hesitation/adrenaline is something Takeru, with military training, would do. I could have done it IRL, but I wouldn't have been as calm or efficient, since it's fudging stupid. But I think watching Takeru might have gotten me a little bit of confidence in such a situation.
6. Shooting him and throwing the gun away? No thanks.
7. Leaving the shop to go back to my regular schedule seems badarse, and something I'd love to do, but considering police regularly swarm Capitol avenue it's a bad idea.
8. I have no idea where the name "Alex Plummer" comes from. Alex could have a dozen sources. Plummer I had forgotten, except before I left the shop I remembered to connect the guy's name to Christopher Plummer, the von Trapp from The Sound of Music. When I woke up and forgot Plummer's name, I just recalled SoM and instantly recalled the guy called himself Alex Plummer. The only connection to Muv-Luv I could make was that it was an American-sounding name, and there were American military Takeru met at the end of coup d'etat, Major Walken and First Lieutenant Irma.
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